Student leaders pledge to end discrimination

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 17 – Student leaders have said that there should not be discrimination among human beings and it is not acceptable as well. Tara Sharma of Nepal Student Union and Deepak Neupane of All Nepal Student Union said it is an age of development and prosperity and there should not be discrimination. “The discrimination has been removed from the world and if there are some remains, it could be permanently removed,” said Sharma adding that it is sign of unemployment and underdevelopment. According to him, discrimination is happening due to the wealth gap and there is discrimination to the members of this community on the same basis. “People do not have jobs so they are investing time for criticizing other people,” Sharma said adding that the debate against same-sex marriage is meaningless. Neupane said discrimination is a social problem and we cannot move ahead if we hold such attitude.

He said there is a need of ending such problems to make peace and prosperity and reaching a destination. According to him, we should not affect the journey of development denying rights to gender and sexual minority. He said people go for struggle if they are denied rights and such circumstances should be avoided. Both student leaders expressed the commitment of ending the discrimination against this community and move forward in the journey of peace, development and prosperity.