Thakuri underlines the need of same-sex marriage law

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 2 – Member of sexual and gender minority Kamal Badu Chand Thakuri has said that law on same-sex marriage should be formulated without any delay. He said though constitution has provided rights to this community, it was not mentioned in civil and criminal code which was introduced in August last year.

“It is a matter of sadness that stakeholders have not paid sufficient attention to address the concerns of this community,” said Thakuri.  He posted such message in his facebook wall and also sent to Pahichan online. “Due to the lack of law, millions of LGBTI members are forced to live in pain and displeasure,” he said.

In the lack of same-sex marriage law, he said, members of this community will not be settled in society. He said recognition of same-sex marriage will pave the way to gain other rights. “Many organizations are working for LGBTI. There is a need of strong movement to ensure the rights of this community,” he added.