This is not our budget : LGBTI community

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 2 – Everywhere government comes up with much fanfare and publicity. Government claims of introducing best budget.

Government’s claim may have been true. Every year budget fails to instill a hope in this community. Government has come up with several programs targeting minority community but no budgets are allocated for sexual and gender minority.

In the budget, government has claimed but implementing the provisions mentioned in fundamental rights section but there is no specific plan for this section. The government has stated that it would launch various programs targeting such community such as Kamaya, Haruwa, Charuwa among others.

The Rs 1.53 trillion financial plan bets on achieving economic growth of 8.5 percent and envisions generating half a million jobs by the next fiscal year, which begins in mid-July. The budget has announced to meet 8 percent growth but it is not an inclusive budget.

Members of this community have said that this is not their budget as there is no mentioning of them in budget. They said, “If government is serious about inclusive, government should have allocated sufficient budget.”