Transgender Chaudary sets up Hair Cutting Centre

Kailali (Pahichan) February 23 – Transgender Rajkumari Chaudhary of Kailai Hasuliya has set up Hair Cutting Centre. Chaudhary is earning money that would be spent to day to day expenditure from cutting the hair. Chaudhary, who completed grade 10, set up the Hair Cutting centre in her own investment. She will remain busy from morning to evening in her works.

Although she was born, current get up is son. Due to her separate identity, she is facing problems while walking in the society. “I was gradually attracted to the girls and I have given the identity of transgender,” Chaudhary said.

Chaudhary is facing mental torture, back-biting among others. As the rural people of do not know about LGBTI community, people do not feel comfortable when they see and behave with this community. Some people are still hesitant to come in her Hair Cutting Centre but people are visiting feeling fully comfortable.