Transgender missing in the draft of Nepal Citizenship Act 2063

Kathmandu (Pahichan) March 1 – The State Affairs and Good Governance Committee of House of Representative (HoR) is deliberating on a bill registered to amend Nepal Citizenship Act 2063. In the preliminary draft of law, it is stated that citizenship would be provided on the basis of birth and citizenship would be provided to sexual and gender minority on the basis of identity.

In meeting, lawmaker Rajendra Shrestha asked about the provisions of transgender in the preliminary draft. Committee Chairman Shasi Shrestha, however, was of the view the issue is yet to be discussed.

There were discussions about providing citizenship by birth to those who have applied for the document before 2064 Mangsir 10.  Lawmaker Shrestha registered a proposal about providing citizenship to the members of this community as per their wishes. Shrestha was asking why there are only provisions that citizenship would be provided only those who change their gender identity.

The preliminary draft states that members of this community who can submit document regarding the change in their sexual organ and same document while receiving citizenship could be provided another citizenship as per gender identity if they withdraw previous citizenship.

However, there are not clear provisions about those who do not wish to change their sexual organ and prefer to live as transgender. Shrestha has registered amendment proposal stating that people who have already received citizenship should be eligible to take citizenship as per the gender identity. There were discussions about it.

When the meeting was underway, Home Secretary Prem Kumar Rai informed that chopper carrying Tourism Minister crashed. After the sad news, the meeting was diverted. It was one of sad news for all.