TU course on LGBTI need more clarity

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 21 – Tribhuwan University has started a course related to third gender, same-sex relation and sexual relation of bi-sexual from 2070. A book written by Baburam Acharya mentions that third gender means having separate behavior, nature and expectation than male and female.

The book has said that there is presence of this community in the society and there would be relation between male-male and female-female. The page 114 of book further states that society is gradually becoming flexible about same-sex relation.

The relation between male is called gay and relationship between girls is called lesbian and book states that it is a reality of society. In the sociology and anthropology of BA second year, such relations are romantic and they are engaged in all professions.

However, in some places there is prejudice opinion regarding this community. This book is the seventh edition prepared in 2070 for the sociality and anthropology of BA second year (313).

Six year ago, it has been written that LGBTI communities have activated their movement seeking legal recognitions. The book further states that there are been efforts to legalize same-sex marriage and increase its social acceptability. Additionally, book states that such relation would contribute to develop a new relation, affect population which needs to be studied.

The book, however, is not clear about changing sexual organs, third gender rights activist Jyoti Thapa said. The book states that such type of relation is much hidden in the society. The book has also explained about transsexuality. Thapa said people who change their organs are transexuality but if male shows the behavior of female and vice versa they are called third gender. The book, however, has not clearly mentioned about it which has created confusions.

Jyoti said, “The people who have changed their sexual organs are trans sexuality.” The book, however, has not mentioned about the inter-sex people. Similarly, the book does not mentioned about third gender female and male. Jyoto is of the view that TU book prepare book on the basis of new curricula.