We should focus on development:  Baral  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 3 – Chairman of Parliament’s Agriculture and Water Resources Committee Mohan Baral has said that people will focus on development if there is not a situation fighting for liberty. Speaking to Pahichan, Baral said there is an alarming level of youths embarking on foreign countries. 

Such tendency, according to him, could be stopped providing a work environment with liberty. Baral said members of gender and sexual minority are demanding the freedom and it is compatible to the constitutional provisions.

He said members of this community could not be prevented from enjoying equal rights like others. He said parliament is deliberating on the amendment of civil and criminal code and there is a divided opinion about legalizing the same-sex marriage.

He said such debates are natural and it should be taken in a positive way. He said demands of this community could be fulfilled without affecting the traditional norms and values. He said role of youth is vital to control the corruption in the country.

He said youths are trying to keep themselves out of politics stating that it is a dirty game but there is a need of interference by youths to control corruption. He said it would be easy to create an inclusive approach if youths join the politics.