We should get identity and dignity : LGBTI

Banke (Pahichan) July 3 – Gender and sexual minorities of Banke have said that several laws formed targeting this community remains unimplemented. Speaking at a program in Kohalpur regarding the status, problems and challenges of this community they said implementation of law remains a key challenge tog grant rights to this community.

Rajendra Dhobi, Chair of Paschim Tara Nepal, an organization which is working for the welfare of this community, said though constitution is progressive when it comes to the rights of this community, several laws in line with constitutions have not been formulated. According to him, members of this community are yet to receive identity, rights, self-respect and opportunities. According to him, there are more than eight hundred members of this community in Banke.

According to various studies, LGBTI constitutes 8-10 of total population. Narayani Wali, Development Committee Coordinator of Kohalpur Municipality said law and society should ensure the protection of this community. He demanded to allocate certain reservation for enhancing the capacity of this community.

Paria Chaudhary Banke Program Coordinator of Paschin Tara Nepal said members of this community have not received the rights guaranteed by law. “We are denied from rights. We are suffering from our own house and family. State has not provided us identity, rights and self-respect,” he said.