When a bridegroom turns into bride

Kailali (Pahichan) July 29 –  Manoj Chaudhary was born at Burdiya village of Kailari in 2046 B.S as a second son of family. Mother Punita Devi Chaudhary became the mother of two daughters. Two sons are regarded as bliss of god in our society. When all was well, Manoj’s father passed away which added problems in the family.

“My father passed away when I was 9\10 years old. This created problems in the family and we somehow managed our difficulties,” he said. Manoj had a different behavior and nature since the early days. Neither he shared problems with anyone nor could anyone understand her.

 All family members and relatives took him as a son and there were no doubts on it. After completing 10-grade education in local Laxmi Secondary School, he made the mentality of shifting to Dhangadi.

 When, he grew up, there was not same level of changes in all body organs. He has not even thought of being third gender.  “I was familiar with boys, I used to remember them but I was not known about third gender. I was not aware about it,” Manoj said.

In 2064, Manoj shifted to Dhangadi and enrolled in Trinagar Secondary School. In class room, Manoj. Gradually, he was sexually attracted with boys. An organization working on third gender, informed him about it. After the hearing all things from organization, Manoj came to know that his gender identity is third gender. Gradually, she took boys as hetro sexual.

She said, “My close friends became surprise because, I have not shared them my identity. I fell in love with a boy but it was disconnected after he came to know about me.” Even her family member was not aware about her gender identity. When son gets matured in terms of age, it is usual that family members propose for marriage. One day when Manoj reached home from Dhangadi, her mother and brother in law shared him about a girl proposing him to marry. They have settled all things. The only thin remaining was Manoj has to meet lady. Manoj (Ashika) said, “ I was surprised to know all these things. I bother me, even mother gave pressure to me. Ashika left the home with some pre-text and later came to Dhangadi.”  At that time, she had no the courage to tell gender identity to family and relatives.

She said, “When family members knew about my gender identity, there was no fear with me to give my identity with others too.” Family members still call him brother. “Since the birth, I took him as a son, now I cannot say daughter. This is all about the game of god,” mother Punita said. Ashika, now has married with a boy. She has a good relationship with family members. “When there is will, there will be ways. I cannot stay without marriage and we have a very good relation as well,” she said.