When a mother is attracted to another woman

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 3 – JU(name changed) is a married women. She has one child. It has been eight years since they married but she was attracted with women.  She is not attracted with her husband.

In this scenario she met Yami(name changed) another women. They started to like each other. They started to sit together, chat together and started to go outing together. There were whispers in their neighborhood about their relation. Then JU made the things clear: she announced that she is attracted to women.

Family was shocked and she was not accepted. She was expelled from home. Now, both are living together, they are different from LGBTI community. Our society is yet to accept this community it is a feeling and everyone could reach in this stage, said Laxmi Ghalan, Chair of Mitini Nepal.  This community is facing problem in each and every steps. Though this community is allowed to live together many legal hurdles are creating problems.

Sarita KC, General Secretary said it is necessary to understand the problems of this community as feelings could be changed anytime. “Our parents have not imagined that I am a lesbian,” said KC. “Tomorrow your son could not entertain his wife. It is a meeting, it could change anytime,” KC said.

A lesbian couple is living together since seven years. There was friction in their relationship after seven years and one lesbian expelled the partner. Now, the affected women are seeking justice but it is not sure she could get justice. This community is different from male and female which is having a lot of challenges to live in society.

Vice-chairman of Supreme Court Bar Association Raju Khadka said though all citizens have equal rights there are some problems to the community whose gender identity is not clear. He, however, said SC has tried its best to provide justice to all community. Khadka said the case filed by former lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant and subsequent verdict served as an example to other countries as well. “There is a need of changing laws in order to address the plights of this community,” said Khadka. Advocate Bhuwan  Niraula said members of this community are receiving certificates.

Lawmakers have said that they would play vital role to impart the rights to this community as mentioned in the constitution. They are of the view that members of this community must get the political, social, economic, cultural and other legal rights. Lawmaker of CPN Ram Kumari Jhakri said all people should get their identity. “We are ready to lend support to the members of this community,” she said.

(Translated version of news published in Thahakhabar.com)