YKAP demands its representation at policy making level

Kathmandu(Pahichan) January 9 – YKAP Nepal, an organization of youths who are in a vulnerable situation has demanded their representation in the policy making level. There is representation of drug users, HIV infected, sex workers, homosexual and transgender in the organization.

YkapThe national consultative meeting of YKAP has concluded that organization itself has to speak loudly than depending others to make organization’s concern vocal.

“The real program of youths associated with this organization cannot be identified by others,” said Sandeep Shahi. “Government should address the problems and discrimination faced by our community,” said Shahi. Youths between 15- 19 are associated with this organization. Bina Pokhrel of UNAIDS suggested to seek an opportunity identifying the problems.

Pokhrel said youths should be capable and all youths should get united.  According to organization, altogether 150 youths have received capacity enhancement trainings.

Ishwor Maharjan of organization said they are creating awareness from local to national level that rights should not be breached. In the consultative meeting, representatives of stakeholders expressed commitment to provide technical assistances and other types of assistances.