I am restless  : Sunita (With video)  

I am restless  : Sunita (With video)  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 17 – The pain of divorce is making Sunita’s day and night restless and without hungry. This is a great blow in her life. Her life partner used to show concern if there was delay to arrive home by an hour. Now, Sunita’s partner has married with another people.

Sunita and a boy from Parsa were in deep love but family members broke their relation. Sunita is transgender women. He partner married with another people following family pressure.

Now, she has courage of living alone after a partner who was in relationship since 8 years abandoned her. Sunita has reached the home of her partner but family members did not allow them to marry. Sunita said country should make laws in order to address the issues of this community.

Sunita believes that if there was a law, there were less chances of their divorce. She said members of this community they should get the rights male and female.  Sunita was born as boy but she used to play with girls.

She knew her identity when she came to Kathmandu after she turned 16 years. Sunita is loved by all family members. Her friends used frequently visit her home.

She is, however, yet to receive citizenship as per her gender identity. District administration office has asked her to come up with medical certificate in order to get citizenship.

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