Blogger Lex Limbu Celebrates Love Through New Video

Blogger Lex Limbu Celebrates Love Through New Video

Kathmandu : UK based Nepali blogger Lex Limbu is marking Pride month with the release of his latest short video “Gaurav” on the 1st of June. Pride month (Gaurav mahina) is dedicated to celebrating the LGBTIQ+ communities all around the world.The short video starring Limbu and Abiskar Rai celebrates love between two gay men and also features special appearance from Limbu’s own parents.

The short advert style video has been directed by Ramuna Pun with the soundtrack ‘Ma Timro’ by Susant Bista. The filming took place in theChawton village in Hampshire, UK. Limbu who shared about his sexual orientation in 2018 through a YouTube video shared “Pride month is a wonderful way to refocus attention on the LGBTIQ+ community and our journey so far. Through this short video, I wanted to share how beautiful it can be when you take pride in who you are. Although I initially struggled to find someone to appear alongside the video with me, I was relieved to have Abiskar come forward for the project.”

Director Ramuna shared “When Lex approached me with ‘Gaurav’, I was instantly drawn to the simplicity of the story. The weight it carries on a broader context is of course heavy but the fluidity of emotions exchanged between all four characters is raw, real, reassuring and that simplifies everything. I perceived and filmed the story how it was, with love. I wish for everyone to embracethe story in a similar way. Pride to me is simply a notion of being who you are and loving who you want. Nothing more and nothing else”.

Abiskar who stars as Gaurav in the video shared “Pride represents acceptance of who you are to yourself first and something that makes you feel like you are not the only one. A sign of unity you can say… as for why I did the video? Even though the LGBTIQ+ community is made aware in the Nepali community, it’s still a very sensitive subject in my view. By doing the video and putting it out in this way, hopefully it will slowly change people’s perspectives and make it more comfortable for people out there.

The month of June is chosen to celebrate pride as it was the month of the Stonewall riots, the protests the changed gay rights for a lot of people in America and beyond. In the recent years, Pride month is marked through Nepal Pride Parade (Nepal Gaurav Yatra) in Kathmandu. Since 2020, the Pride parade (Gaurav Yatra) has been held virtually.

*For your information: Lex Limbu and Abiskar Rai (Gaurav) are not in a relationship*

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