Finally, CBS to count LGBTI population

Finally, CBS to count LGBTI population

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 9 –  Finally, after pressure from various quarters, Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has made preparations to count LGBTI community, a major demand of this community. This will be first census will includes LGBTI community.

Nepal’s upcoming national census will for the first time count the LGBT population in the Himalayan nation in order to better allocate government jobs and education set aside for minority groups, an official said Thursday. The LGBT community in Nepal has long demanded that the census taken every 10 years include a count of sexual minorities.

The constitution of Nepal has provided rights to LGBTI community and there is government quotas for minorities in workplaces, schools and colleges, and access to discounted healthcare, but in the absence of census data, there was confusion about the number of this community.

There are various estimation about the number of LGBTI community. With new provisions, people will identify themselves as male, female or other sexual gender. Organizations working in the field of minority rights have welcome the steps taken by CBS. Once the number is out, it will provide basis for proportional representation of this community .

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