LGBTI should get entry in newsrooms: Dahal

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 11 – Journalist Ram Prasad Dahal has said that there should be entry of LGBTI community in the newsroom to make the media inclusive. Journalist Dahal said as media are mirror of the society, there should be the representation of all sections of the society. He said as media talk a lot about inclusion, they should first start its implementation.“As the constitution has already addressed the rights of gender and sexual minority, media should give space to this community,” Dahal said adding that media should aware about such issues instead of giving space only after some problem erupts.

He said media sector is one of the less managed sector and problems have been created as Federation of Nepalese Journalists has forgotten its role and responsibility.  “FNJ is focusing to establish media as an industry instead of focusing on addressing the genuine problems faced by working journalists,” Dahal said adding that FNJ has failed to play a role as a key pressure group.

“There are problems because in FNJ and other organizations, people who lobby in favour of media owner, are leading the organization,” he said. He said LGBTI issues are linked with the same issue.