LGBTI community celebrates Teej festival demanding marriage and cultural rights

Kathmandu (Pahichan) September 12 – Members of sexual and gender minority have complained that though they are demanding the right to marry, it has not been heeded by concern agencies.

 Speaking at a program organized by Blue Diamond Society to celebrate Teej festival, they demanded to fulfill the rights of same-sex marriage. Members of this community celebrated Teej festival organizing dance and singing program.

They, however, expressed displeasure saying that there are a lot of constraints in the society to live in a free environment.  “Though we are male, our interests are like women,” transgender Samjhana Shrestha said, “I came here to dance freely,” Shrestha said though there is no support from family, there is support from community.

Chairman of BDS Pinkly Gurung said there should be legal environment to marry according to wishes. Gurung said they are boycotted culturally. Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society said members of this community must get an opportunity to exercise and use their cultural rights. “We do not have marriage rights. We are celebrating Teej festival demanding our rights,” said Dhakal.

Members of sexual and gender minority have celebrated Teej festival in various parts of the country. While celebrating Teej, they have requested to make an environment where members of this community can celebrate such festival in a comfortable way.

Members of various organizations of Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari assembled to celebrated festival, according to Chanchala Suba, Program Coordinator of Lead Nepal. This is a first time that members of this community have celebrated Teej festival “We have invited people from various parts but very few attended our program,” said Subba.

Khamkumari Pariyar, ward Chair of Damak Municipality-5 expressed her happiness for receiving opportunities to celebrate Teej festival with this community. She underlined the need of resolving the problems facing why this community instead of discriminating this community. Lead Nepal is organizing various programs. The organizer expressed displeasure over the low participation though the invitation was extended to many people.