Report on Nepal’s gender and sexual minority presented at UPR

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 14 – Blue Diamond Society through its international forum is pressing government to institutionalize the rights of gender and sexual minority.  Society has presented a seminar paper at the meeting of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Meeting about the status of homosexual and transgender.

rai-1Deputy Executive Director of Society Parshu Ram Rai informed that he has presented details about the status of this community. “The meeting has been very fruitful, I presented in details about the status of this community,” said Rai.

He briefed about the rights of gender and sexual minority in the new constitution which has made it inclusive as well as economic, educational and citizenship issues. According to him, international community should press the Nepalgovernment to formulate laws to ensure the rights of this community as per the constitutional provisions.

According to him, there are discrimination against homosexual and transgender in the country like Myamar, Lebanon and Jargia and concerned countries should be pressed. In Nepal, there are better constitutional provisions in comparison toAmerica. Though the decisions taken by Universal Periodic Review meeting are not mandatory to implement it is a tool to create pressure.