The number of transgender votes reaches 51

Bara(pahichan)March 13-The number of  voters in the Bara District has increased in comparison to last year. The local poll is going to take place on May 14 this year across the country. According to district election office, the number of transgender in the district was just 11 which have 51 in the updated list.

In the six electoral constituencies of Bara District, there are two Mahanagarpalika, four municipalities, and nine village assemblies. The total number of voter is three Lakh, 36 thousand and 39 votes, according to Chief Naresh Safaf. Out of them, one Lakh 86 thousand and 146 are male, one Lakh, fifty thousand and 842 are female and 51 are transgender.

It shows that members of gender and sexual minority are gradually making their identity public which is a good. Of late, due to the campaign of BDS, the numbers of this community disclosing their identity has increased in the village level.  In the previous years, there was not such segregation of transgender votes in the districts. After the pressure, government agencies have started to collect the number of transgender votes which is one of the significant achievements of this community.