UNAIDS suggests to launch programs at local level

Ambika Dahal/Lalitpur (Pahichan) March 3 – Community Mobilization and Networking Advisor of UNAIDS Bina Pokhrel has said that the numbers of HIV infected will come to zero by 2030.Speaking at a program organized to mark on Zero Discrimination Day, she informed that UNAIDS is working to decrease the number of infected people to zero. UN started to mark March 1 as Zero Discrimination Day from 2014 with a purpose of ending all types of violence in the society.  The program was attended by homosexual, transgender, bi-sexual and intersex.  

“UNAIDS is pushing programs related to HIV calling it three zero— zero number of new HIV infected, zero death from HIV infection, and zero discrimination against HIV affected people—there should not be any violence to achieve this.”  Pokhrel said.

There have been positive changes and violence against this community is decreasing day by day. According to her, members of LGBTI are facing discrimination mainly in the health and security related organizations.  However discrimination is decreasing day by day.  Members of this community are in risk of HIV infection as they are involved in sex profession.

She informed that HIV infected people should be kept away from any kind of risks. Though some programs are needed for their skill development, Pokhrel said there is a need of additional program. She said members of this community and their identity should be taken in a positive way. “If members of this community become clear about their rights, violence will be minimized,” she said.  She suggested launching program at local level stating that LGBTI community has been successful to convince the people at decision making level about their agenda and rights.