Writers should know in details about gender and sexual minority : Neupane

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 1 – Writer Amar Neupane has said that writers do not have sufficient and details knowledge regarding gender and sexual minority. According to him, this is one of the reasons behind the low coverage about this issue in their creation.

Speaking to Pahichan Radip program, Neupane said, “If there was knowledge about this community like opposite sex, the issues of gender and sexual minority could have been taken up by writers.”  Some writers who have knowledge about this community have incorporated the issues of this community in their creations.  Saliju of Mohan Raj Sharma has touched this issue of this community, Neupane said, “Parshu Pradhan has also written stories about this community.”

For the coverage, according to him, writers need to inform more and more about this community. “The general knowledge is not sufficient, writers should know about this community which would be helpful to lively present about this community,” said Neupane.

Neupane said he is thinking about to incorporate the issue of this community in his write-up.  “I need to sufficient knowledge about this community. I lack sufficient knowledge,” he said adding that he wants to know in details about this community so that he could writer about this community.  Nuepane is writer of Seto Dharti which bagged Madan Pushar. Kasturi and Paniko gham are other his creations.