New law bars LGBTI in government job

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 18 – Going against the constitutional provision, government has formulated a law that bars sexual and gender minority in government job. The Parliament has already endorsed Federal Civil Service Act which has not allowed sexual and gender minority to fight for government through Public Service Commission.

The newly endorsed bill does not have any provisions for sexual and gender minority. The article 42 of constitution has clearly mentioned about the proportional inclusive representation of sexual and gender minority. The government, however, is overlooking a community in law-making process which is also against the 18 article of the constitution. The Act has addressed Janajati, Madhesi, Dalit, Tharu, Muslim, marginalized community and people with disability but not about sexual and gender minority.

Earlier, there were not any constitutional provisions on sexual and gender minority. Nepal is a first country in south Asia to explicitly mention about this community in constitution. However, there is no progress when it comes to formulation of laws to end discrimination against this community.

Due to government apathy, this community is dependent on donor agencies to meet the demands.  Of late, donor agencies are cutting their funds to this community and members of this community are seeking employment.

The economic condition of this community remains were weak. Though members of this community are capable to do job, they have deprived by law. Transgender Manila Neupane, Jyoti Thapa and inter-sex Eshan Regmi were denied to fill form for their separate identity.  It is tragic that even the government with two-third majority with five-year mandate is not serious about the plights of this community.