167 transgender openly voting in elections

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 12 – Altogether 167 transgender are going to vote in the upcoming federal parliament and provincial assemblies. Though the number of this community is very high, only 167 people have disclosed their identity. According to Chandra Shah at Election Commission, they have produced the data of 167.

This is more than 23 in comparison to local level elections. In the local body elections, there were only 144 voters of this community. In Saptari there are 20, in Parsa there is 16 and in Kathmandu there are 11 transgender.  Out of 77 districts, there are no transgender voters in 33 districts.

Pinky Gurung, Chairman of Blue Diamond Society, is a candidate from Naya Shakti Nepal party under PR category. “As constitution has ensured the provisions of inclusion, it has been easy for me to become candidate,” said Gurung.