Efforts underway to prepare LGBTI vocabulary in Nepalbhasa  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) January 25 – The campaign launched by Blue Diamond Society concerning the rights of gender and sexual minority has now dominated both street and Parliament. All this happened in the last one and half-decade. The media is playing a vital role which has resulted into grass-root-level awareness regarding the rights of gender and sexual minority.

Gradually, mainstream media have started providing space to the issues minority issues. Similarly, local media are providing more space to the issues related to gender and sexual minority. The mother languages are also recognizing this community which is an indicator of deepening of this agenda.

It is said that culture is intricately linked with culture and society. The Newar community also gradually knows about this community and some Nepalbhasa have started to provide space to this community. The vocabulary concerning this community is also gradually developing. Rukshana Kapali who is working in securing the rights of gender and sexual minority have said that mother language should develop a vocabulary which will be used to describe the member of t his community.

“Though I had the habit of writing about this community, I have realized that there are the lacks of words in the mother language. Though these could be written in English language we felt the need of developing vocabulary,” Kapali said. Through the facebook, she introduced with Bishnu Chitrakar.

She informed Chitrakar about gender and sexual minority. However, Kapali has already prepared 100 words on how to describe the members of this community. Then both started to hold discussions on preparing the vocabulary of this community. But, they succeeded to prepare very few words.

“We were very aware because in the name of preparing words, we should not prepare unnecessary words,” Chitrakar said.  “I have a plan to writing a book covering the issues of this community,” said Kapali. Though, they have prepared words, they need to consult with experts before finalizing it. She said Pahichan is also preparing to unveil online edition on Nepalbhasa.