Members of gender and sexual minority are equal with other citizens: Subedi

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 28 – Political Analyst Arun Kumar Subedi has said that members of gender and sexual minority are natural and they should be treated accordingly. Speaking to Pahichan, Subedi said there is sufficient description of this community in the cultural and religious texts\ scripts.

“In the Hindu religion and other philosophies, there are the references of this community,” Subedi said. He said there is not good prestige of this community due to the some role of Indian homosexual and transgender.

He said the role played by this community in Indian railway stations and other presentations has placed this community in the negative light.

“Though I am progressive in the development, i am moderate conservative on other social issues. I am of the view that after the birth in society this should be continued,” Subedi said.

He said even the members of this community should give birth to children and continue the civilizations.  He said there should be equality among the citizen. Subedi is writing about development, economics, politics and international politics.