The rights of homosexuals and transgender not protected in Bangladesh

Kathmandu (Pahichan) July 30-The rights of homosexuals and transgender in Bangladesh are not secured in terms of legal framework.  A team of Bangladeshi journalists who visited Nepal to get the information about his community said Bangladesh has not formulated any laws to ensure the rights of sexual and gender minorities.

They said government, however, has assured that the rights of this community will be protected by law. “Though government has assured to protect the rights of this community several times, there has not been any progress,” said a member of delegation.

The government, however, is providing some assistance. “Other non-governmental organizations are also providing assistance but there has not been any initiation to incorporate the right of this community in the constitution. This is problem for the homosexual and transgender of Bangladesh,” the member said. Journalists said political parties have not paid sufficient attention.

They said Nepal has already achieved a lot but people of Bangladesh are denied from rights. They underlined the need of alliance between Bangladesh and Nepal. They said member of this community are economically and socially insecure.