How LGBTI members celebrated Tihar festival ?

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 24 – Elyn Bhandari of Maharajgunj received Tika from sister as an elder brother. In the previous years, Elyn used to act as a sister and offer Tika to elder brother.

“This year’s Tihar was entirely different from previous years, it was special as well,” said Bhandari. “Till the last year, my gender identity was not disclosed. That is why I used to offer Tika to my brother.

This year, my identity was disclosed as transgender and I received Tika Yeleyana Shrestha,” he said. Bhandari said he has felt happiness this year to receive Tika as per gender identity.

Bisoraj Adhikari of Makawanpur also received Tika from the members of own community. As Adhikari did not get time to go to Makawanpur, the numbers of sisters are increasing. Adhikari received Tika from Surkshya Dahal and Akansha Timalsena this year.

“I receive Tika within the family with a view of promoting healthy and sentimental relationship,” said Adhikari.

Jyoti Thapa of Bhaktapur celebrated Tihar as a continuation of tradition. Jyoti who was born as son disclosed her identity as transgender eight years ago. “We are celebrating Tihar festival as a tradition and we are happy,” said Thapa.

Surakshya Dahal of Makawanpur has a little bit different experience on Tihar. She has four elder brothers in the family and now she is increasing the number of elder brothers. She offered Tika to homosexual and transgender female. She offered Tika to Bhakti Shah and Bisoraj Adhikari.

They said that they celebrated Dashain festival to increase fraternity and extend the love.  “There were not any problems to celebrate, however, I cannot fulfill all the requirements in the family,” She said.