All could be challenged: Thapa  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 3 – Advocate Prem Bahadur Thapa has said that as constitution has already addressed homosexual and transgender as a minority, all the laws can be challenged. Speaking to Pahichan, Thapa said laws will speak the spirit of constitution.

“The three clauses of constitution has clarified the rights of gender and sexual minority, the laws and regulation that could create obstacles could easily be cancelled,” said Thapa adding that there are approximately 400 laws which needs to be amended as per the new constitution along with formulation of new laws.

“We have our own lawyers, we have our organization so we are ready to fight to achieve the rights mentioned in the constitution,” said Thapa adding that every government agencies and non-governmental organizations should start the process of implementing the constitution. He also appreciated the role played by former lawmaker and campaigner Sunil Babu Pant for his outstanding performances in establishing the rights of gender and sexual minority.

Thapa said it is due to the role played by Thapa, the rights of gender and sexual minority has been mentioned in the constitution.  “Pant was the members of Fundamental Rights and State Directives Committee of Parliament. Except the sexual orientation, all the efforts made by him have been mentioned in the constitution,” he said.