Aakash and Ponam living a happy life

Balram Chaudhari/Pahichan – Lesbian couple Aakash and Ponam is living together as a husband and wife. They are from Saptari Bharijung Bella -10. They said, “People of society did not accept us before as well as our family too. But now, they accept us because they now know about this community now due to the awareness.”  

Aakash said they convinced the people in society that all people are equal. “Some people say though both of us are girls, we are like husband and wife,” they said. Ponam said such things are normal and this is LGBTI community. Aakash works at Lahan office and Ponam lives in home and doing tailoring.

Many people asks different question like how you spend your life living together , you didn’t get children so how you live  without children .Ponam replies in this way, “Every male and female couple also do not get children. We also spend life in the same way.”