BDS condemns Orlando, Florida massacre

Kathmandu (Pahichan) June 17 – Blue Diamond Society by issuing press release today condemned the deadliest mass shooting in  American History that killed 49 people; most of the whom were  sexual and gender minorities,  after a gunman attacked a gay club in Orlando, Florida 12 June 2016.  

BDS stated that “Even extreme condemnation is insufficient about this massacre. Along with condemnation, there is a need of taking some serious measures to ensure that such tragedy will not repeat in the future. BDS is working to ensure the rights of gender and sexual minority across the word.”

“The mass shooting has taken place in America when the scars of attack in Bangladesh were not healed.  Serious attention of BDS has been drawn. We demand the strong investigation about the shooting and punish the culprit responsible in the attacks.  BDS is working a dream that there will not be violence against the LGBTI across the globe.” the statement signed by Pinky Gurung President and Manisha Dhakal Executive Director reads.

BDS has expressed it desire to see the progress of LGBTI across the globe not only in some specific areas or country. We express our solidarity with the LGBTI from across the globe.”We urge the concerned international bodies to become aware to stop such tragedy in the future.  We want to draw the attention of government of the all countries in this world to ensure in their respective country that hate crime against LGBTI will not take place again.  We wish that departed soul rest in peace and we express heartfelt condolence to the victims of family members and friends those killed in shooting. We wish early recovery of the injured people.” the statement further reads.

Press Release