Budget disappoints LGBTI community

Kailali (Pahichan) May 31 – Members of gender and sexual minority have said that it is a matter of sadness that even a single word is not mentioned in the budget unveiled by Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel on Saturday.

Though new constitution has ensured the rights of this community, budget has not been allocated for the empowerment of this community. At a program organized at Dhangadi, members of this community said 10.48 billion budgets are against the principle of inclusiveness. Coordinator of far-western and Vice-chairman of Federation of Gender and Sexual Minority Raju Lama said he feels sad for not allocating budget for the members of this community.

In the local level, budget has been allocated for the members of this community since 2066. District Development Committee of Kailali has already endorsed the plan of providing computer and language training to the members of this community.

However, members of this community are facing problems while filing forms. Legal Advisor of BDS Sujan Panta though some districts have already begun to issue the citizenship as per the gender identity, there is still some hassles in some district.

Panta said a government report on same-sex marriage is gathering a dust. He demanded to formulate laws to implement the constitutional provisions of article 12, 15 and 42. Central Committee of Federation of Nepalese Journalist Bhawani Air said journalists are aware about the rights of LGBTI. “We are raising your issues, we will continue to provide our support,” said Air saying that human rights should be implemented.

‘Why society views me in a different way?’

20160529_110545Transgender Shila Singh Thakuri said she is disconnected with society for demonstrating the behavior of women. The hometown of Thakuri is Bhajang. She was born as a boy but facing violence, discrimination and manhandling. “Society has not accepted me, I am studying in a college but friends tease me, where should I go?” she said.

She urged all people to treat her in a normal way.  Like her, there are 18 transgender in the district and many of them are reluctant to disclose their identity. Thakuri became first runner up in the Miss Pink Beauty Competition held in Mahendra Nagar. Transgender Karuna Adhikari said they are spreading awareness in hill districts.

According to Adhikari, there are approximately 4-5 thousand transgender in the district. Niran Chaudhary said in the form of Public Service Commission only male and female is mentioned which should be changed. Despite being talent, members of this community said they are facing difficulties to fight for government jobs.