Constitutional guarantee is not sufficient: Bogati

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 16 – Actor and Singer Babu Bogati  has said that only the constitutional guarantee of rights of homosexual and transgender would not end the discrimination.  Bogati said it is not sure that constitution and laws would be implemented.  “The important thing is that society should accept members of this community,” said Bogati.Due to the social stigma, according to Bogati, society still views homosexual and transgender from a different perspective. “First, there should be awareness in the society which helps to build an equitable society,” said Bogati.  Bogati declined the criticisms that in the cinema, members of this community are still projected as mock character.

He said whoever has been presented in the cinema they perform as artist. “We should not object it because even the male and female are presented as mock character in the society,” said Bogati. Similarly, rich and poor people are presented as mock character in the cinema.

Bogati said the realities and tradition provided by nature should be accepted by all. “We should live with dignity and happiness instead of feeling demoralized,” said Bogati.  He said people from all walks of life should contribute to make an equitable society. Last week, Bogati unveiled his new album. He has played in more than 13 films.