Gender and sexual minority facing discrimination than women

Kathmandu(Pahichan) October 31- Nepali Congress leader Balkrishna Khad has said that members of gender and sexual community are facing a lot of differences than the marginalized women.

Speaking to Pahichan, the NC leader said they are facing discrimination from their own house and mother. “Before 2064 BS, there was a few knowledge about this community, I new about this community when I was entrusted the responsibility of public opinion when constitution drafting process began,” said Khad. He said he received a lot of knowledge from Chairman of Blue Diamond Society about this community.

“I became sad when I knew the types of discrimination that this community is facing, they are facing more discrimination than man,” he said adding that members of this community shared their pain with tears in their eye. This forced lawmakers to institutionalize the rights of this community in new constitution.  He said there should not be discrimination against this community.

He said members of this community should be given sufficient freedom. According to him, the science could change the gender of man so state should take role to protect this community. He said as per constitution provisions, news laws should be promulgated. As a opposition party, NC would force government to listen to plights of this community, he said.