Gurung presses Election Commission and govt to ensure the representation of this community  

Kathmandu (Pahichan) May 5 – Gender and Sexual Minority has demanded equal rights that women, Janajati and other marginalized community are receiving in the electoral process.  A team led by Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung presented such demands to Election Commission and Government.

“Members of this community should get a peaceful rights of voting through their open identity. Members of this community should be allowed to file their candidacy and they should be listed in minority cluster like other minority groups,” Gurung said.

He said though constitution has recognized  this community, it is unfortunate that it has not been reflected into the law. Gurung also asked to ensure the concerns of this community in the manifestos of political parties. She said several religious scripts and books have mentioned about this community.

She said though the members of this community are playing a vital role in politics they are denied from their rights and facing discrimination. She informed that members of this community constitute 8-10 population of total population in the world.  “Due to the discriminatory attitude and behavior of family and society, members of this community are hesitant to give their identity,” Gurung said, adding that due to the organized efforts since 2001, members of this community have ensured their constitutional rights.