Karki receives training in South Korea

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 17 – Para Taekwondo player Nawaraj Karki has return from receiving training in South Korea. He received from World Taekwondo Federation under the 2016 WTF Partnership Taekwondo program.

The during of training was two weeks. Karki who is physically challenged people is a player of Para Taekwondo and Para Marathon. He is a bisexual and is a member of LGBTI, and she is a single member from sport sector disclosing identity.navaraj-karki

With this program, Karki has received an opportunity of being training. According to him Chairman JD Dhungel and Secretary Mukunda Acharya played a supportive role to ensure his participation in the program. “The training has boosted my self-confidence because it is an international-level, it is not sufficient but it has paved the way,” Karki said.

Karki began this journey from First South Asian LGBTI Sports Festival 2012 and he also received an award in India. Karki has secured a media in First South Asian Gender and Sexual Minority Sports Festival.