Legalize same-sex marriage: Director Giri

Kathmandu (Pahichan) December 15 – Film Director Araj Keshav Giri has underlined the need that same-sex marriage should be legalized. He said if two people wish to live together they should not be denied.

“There are discussions in the Parliament. The new law should be formulated as per the constitutional rights,” Giri said, adding that society is gradually perceiving members of this community in a positive way and there is a change in negative change. He said number of this community is also high in the film sector.

“We live together, work together and we should build a confidence about our identity,” said Giri. He said it is bad that members of this community are mocked in film sector. He said they should not be projected as mock character intentionally. He is the director of Jalo and Returns, films selected of Guinness Book of World Record.