LGBTI community urges govt and donor agencies to be serious about their plights

Kaski (Pahichan) April 28 – Sexual and gender minorities have underlined the need of continuation of Norwegian project. Rights activist from across the country gathered in a review meeting held in Pokhara which underlined the need of continuation of projects to make the campaign more effective and strong.

The Norwegian project is assisting in the field of human rights, media and core fund. In this period, more than 40 cases of rights violation against LGBTI community have been registered across the country.

“Many members of this community have been employed in Pahichan Radio, if the project is stopped they will be unemployed,” they said, “It is not only related to employment but empowerment of this community.”

They said though LGBTI movement completed its 18 years, there is not a complete favorable environment for this community.  Speaking in the inauguration, Vice-Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Umesh Pandey said transgender members are receiving opportunities in the various films.

He directed to improve the individual capacity stating that it would enhance overall campaign. Pandey underlined the need of unity among members of this community. He said Radio Pahichan is playing a vital role to ensure the access of this community in diverse field including in the film.

Rights activist Pradeep Yadav shared that only 25 members of this community have made their identity open in Janakpur, the headquarters of province no.2.  He said four members have already gone to abroad and remaining 21 members are also preparing to go abroad for the employment and appropriate environment to live. He underlined the need of awareness campaign in province no. 2.

Deputy Director of BDS Parshuram Rai said a lot of difficulties and obstacles will emerge if the funding is stopped. Rai said areas of working are expanding day by day but funding is reducing, making more difficult to operate organizations and works.

He underlined the need of making media campaign more effective. “Despite the limited budget, we are reaching out to remote areas to create awareness about this community,” said Rai.

Rights activist and first Mr. Gay Handsome Bisowraj Adhikari said there is a need of extensive pressure to press the concerned authorities to introduce same-sex marriage. He said only the implementation of government report on same-sex marriage would ensure the rights of this community.

Legal Advisor of Blue Diamond Society Sujan Panta said a lot of works needs to be done to formulate same-sex marriage law and to implement the constitutional rights.

“The campaign of this community will become weak if donors stop to provide assistances and government does not take the ownership,” said Panta. Participants in the program underlined the need of continuation of this program saying that there is still a need of awareness campaign in the local level.

“Among the projects of BDS, Norwegian project is working in the field of LBT. The project provided us a big motivation in the LBT conference held few months ago,” said rights activist Sudip Gautam and Suman Tamang, “If the project is discontinued it will have a negative impact in LBT movement.”

Participants said they will face huge problems if the donor agencies stay away from supporting this community. They have advised BDS to work to increase the budget, if not possible to continue the project. The three year project is going to expire in July this year.