I prefer reservation system for LGBT community

Shova Giri/ Pahichan – I feel very much pride that I got an opportunity to work as intern in Blue diamond society, an organization working for the securing the rights of LGBT.  Soon after joining organization, I got an orientation class about LGBTI, also read books and articles concerning to it. 

Before I came to this organization, I used to be afraid while seeing transgender people.   I used to think that they are means of intertenment and mentally ill or abnormal people which latter proved totally wrong.

 But, when I joined to BDS, my perception on LGBTI people got changed.  Now, I came to realize that they are also normal people like man and women in the society. They have good behavior and better understanding.

Society should treat them like other normal people in the society. I prefer a reservation system for LGBTI community both in the government as well as private institutions.  It was a great experience to me to work as an intern in BDS.