People’s representative pressing locals to expel LGBTI from apartment

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 7 – It has been revealed that newly elected representative of Kathmandu Municipality Ward no 2 has pressed local people to expel LGBTI from the rented room\ apartments.  According to gender and sexual minority, elected represented from Lazimpat area pressed house owner not to provide room for LGBTI. Members of this community have said that such move from elected representatives reflects the social stigma and discrimination that still prevails.

Speaking in the television show Hami Janata aired in Avenues Television, Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung elected representatives from ward no 2 is pressing local residents not to give apartments to members of gender and sexual minority in rent.

“People’s representatives are working to expel members of this community from apartment. We are seeking justice and we want justice,” said Gurung.  Under Secretary at Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare Bharat Sharma though ministry is launching awareness program to remove the illusions that have not been sufficient. Sharma said Ministry is working to legalize the same-sex marriage.

Speaking in the same program, Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal said though constitution has not allowed members of this community, discrimination still exists.

Dhakal said as there is not proper definition of minority group, there has not been representation of this community in the local level. Peter Tamang requested the government to introduce the program which informs homosexual male and female. Vice-Chairman of BDS Niruta Pandey requested to speed up the process of formulating of same-sex marriage. Inter-sex Basanti Kadayat said she has been expelled from house for being inter-sex.

Sanjaya Sharma,diwa project of Blue Diamond Society underlined the need of inducting the members of gender and sexual minority in the inclusive commission. He said that existing laws should be implemented rather than formulating new laws.

Transgender rights activist Bhakti Shah said there is not representation of this community in Youth Council and this is the reflection of discrimination. He asked why the allocated budget for this community has been downsized.  Inter-sex Ishan Regmi surgery of inter-sex people is against the human rights. Transgender rights activist Jyoti Thapa said Public Service Commission rejected her form due to gender identity.

She said members of this community should get the job as per their educational qualification.  Transgender rights activist Maya Lama said members of this community are still facing discrimination while walking in the street.