Society distributes relief Preparations to tackle with natural disasters


Kathmandu (Pahichan) Septemer 12 – Blue Diamond Society has provided relief to the family members of those died in April 25 Earthquake and others who were triggered homeless. The relief materials provided by various donor agencies were distributed organizing a program.

According to Manisha Dhakal, family members who lost their relatives received 1, 00000 and people triggered homeless received 15,000. The family members of Jyoti Prakash Malla who was a staff at Society received one lakh.

IMG_20150910_120107108Similarly, Journalist Madhav Dulal who is working in society received one lakh as his father died in earthquake. Similarly, family members of Kumari Bhujel received one lakh. Similarly, 50 members of this community who were triggered homeless due to earthquake received 15,000, according to Society Chairman Pinki Gurung .

District Development Officer of Kathmandu District Tirtha Raj Bhattarai said it is appreciable jobs that even the non-government organization in their own effort providing relief to earthquake victims.

He said state alone cannot accomplish all the tasks and non-government organization should collect and distribute relief.  He suggested that Society can expand its assistance.

IMG_20150910_120036507He said non-governmental organization should maintain transparency. Social Development Officer of District Development Office Deepak KC expressed happiness for providing relief materials. He said like other organizations, Society maintain transparency while undertaking its activities.

Chairman of Society Gurung said government should make a favorable environment for the homosexuals and transgender. Gurung said all the government agencies should be open to gender and sexual minorities.

According to her, the reconstruction should be homosexual and transgender friendly. Director Dhakal said they have learned a lot of preventive measures during the natural disasters. According to her, Society is making preparations on how to tackle the crisis like earthquake. Day Project Coordinator Sanjya Sharma during the time of crisis they also help to the others.