The painful struggle of Saraswati

Balram Chaudhari/Pahichan – Mrs. Saraswati Bhagat is inter sex .She is from Koshear Prabaha Village Saptari District. She is not getting any support from her family member and also not from society. She describes her pain in this way: I am inter- sex but my felling are totally like girls.

When I was 15 years old, I knew that I was inter- sex. Now, I am 25 years old but my life is very difficult.  People of the society and my family saw me in a very negative way due to my gender identity.

No one respected me no one loved me they all hate me due to being inter sex. In same family, my elder brother got respect and love from everyone but not me.  I don’t have friends in my village that I shared my felling so I used to visit to BDS (Blue Diamond Society) Saptari. I met different kind of friends there, and also I shared my felling with them.

They helped me on how to fight with the different kinds of problems like Stigma, discrimination, and also with other challenges. The staff of this office always helped me so I used to come here . My family forced me to do marriage   but I cannot do so because it is not good for my future. They beat me they punished me with harsh words. But how can I do so knowing the entire thing I cannot do so I cannot swindler any one she said.