Transgender chose driving as profession in Pokhara

Kaski (Pahichan) June 23 – Transgender from Leknath Municipality, Pokhara have chosen driving as a profession for the self-dependent.  They got the training after receiving the training provided by local bodies under the budget allocated for the welfare of this society.

The Municipality had allocated some more budget for the members of this community. 10 members of this community took a month-long driving training and now have chosen driving as their profession.

“ I am very thankful because we transgender are not strong in terms of educational qualification. We do not have capacity to chose for employment,” said Roshni Rai.

The driving training was received by Raj Thapa, Anjali Thapa, Bindiya Gautam, Lalit Bisokarma, Bipana Paneru, Barsha Rana, Manolisa Malla, Shresya thapa, Sunita Gurung and Roshni Rai. Most of them have said that they will chose driving as their profession.