Understanding of avoiding abusive words

Kavre (Pahichan) August 29 – There has been an understanding in Phalete of Kavrepalnchwok District not to use abuse words to transgender such as Hijra and Chhakaa . Blue Diamond Society and local people reached an understanding at Phalete Police station.

Dispute erupted after Nakul Khadka gave mental pressure to Madhav Khadka using several abusive words. In the meeting with police, Nakul regretted for using such words and not to use such words.

I came to know that such words should not be used in the society, he said. Police official Laxam Sapkota said people who use such abusive words will face the legal actions.  “The rights of this community have been enshrined in the constitution and we will recommend taking action if abusive words are written against this community,” said Sapkota.

He requested people to know about this community listening Pahichan Radio program.  The Prime Radio is broadcasting this program from 4 PM to 5 PM every day. Former Lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant is providing a lot of useful information about this community. Sapkota said people are free to entertain their rights without hurting others.

Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung requested to give up the negative mindset about this community.  Gurung requested to undertake necessary study about the rights of this community written in constitution.  Advocate and legal Advisor of BDS Sujan Panta said it is against the law to use such words. Similarly, Jyoti Thapa working in BDS Bhaktapur asked not to uses such words saying that her family has fully accepted her.