18 years on, LGBTI movement makes dismal progress

Kathmandu (Pahichan) November 20 – It has been 18 years since the members of sexual and gender minority systematically started the campaign of securing their rights.

Unfortunately, they are still busy in creating awareness about the issue and there has been very little or no progress in this period. Those voices were raised during the screening of LGBTI films in British Council.

The students of Thames International College expressed doubts that awareness campaign in closed-door rooms may not be effective. They are of the view that in the program all participants lip a service about the issues of LGBTI but they discriminate when they go out of room.

The progress achieved in the past 10 years is issuance of passport and citizenship on the basis of identity. Gay Man Manab Tamang said, “Due to the lack of same-sex marriage my relationship has been broken down.” Tamang said due to the lack of any opportunity to this community, he did not receive any citizenship on the basis of identity. His family members do not have knowledge about this gender identity.

Art Manager of British Council Nishal Oli said along with awareness campaign there is a need of change in social attitude. “It has been 18 years since the LGBTI community systematically launched their campaign but there is still need of awareness,” said Oli.

Mohit Rauniyar of Photo Kathmandu said the negative thinking of male and female towards sexual and gender minority must be changed. He underlined the need of continuous awareness campaign to bring about a change in the society. He said they will reach out to more colleges to create awareness about LGBTI community.