2075 fails to bring happiness to LGBTI community

Kathmandu (Pahichan) April 15 – As we bid adieu 2075 BS and welcome 2076 BS, there are not any memorable moments for sexual and gender minority. Though constitution and law has provided a lot of rights to this community, no measures were taken to implement those provisions.

The article 12, 18 and 42 have provided explicit rights regarding citizenship, social justice and equality. Members of this community warned the concerned stakeholders to implement the commitment but state did not heed the voices of this community.

Mainly, Blue Diamond Society and Mitini Nepal took a series of steps in order to urge government to implement their rights but there was hardly any progress.

The same-sex marriage report remains unimplemented and there has not been any progress on formulating laws. State, however, continued to appear intolerant towards this community.

From government level, futsal competition was held which was taken as positive steps by this community.  However, no efforts were made to form separate organization of sexual and gender minority by National Sports Council. Another depressing development was that government did not mention this community in its policy and program. Ministry of Women, Children and Welfare has allocated three lakh for different three programs and two programs are already concluded. In the province no. 3 government, main opposition party Nepali Congress proposed to incorporate this community but that was neglected.

Media Advocacy program of sexual and gender minority was stopped in 2075 B.S. As Norwegian Embassy informed that it would not launch such program for 2019, around 30 staffs dependent on this project are turn jobless.  There is no any progress about securing citizenship rights. The proposed citizenship amendment act is going to introduce some tough measures when it comes to providing citizenship to this community. Two members are included in a committee formed by Women, Children and Senior Citizen on look after the issues relating to same-sex marriage. The government formed committee to know the economic burden to state after the legalization of same-sex marriage. Government has not reached to any conclusion regarding this issue. National and International organizations are taking up this issue.

In 2075BS, a biography of third gender Bhumika Shrestha was released which represents of plights of all third gender. The drama titled Jiudo Aakash was staged in 2075 also. Rishab Resu who claimed himself a member of this community tried to blackmail to the members of this community. A complaint has been filed at police office Teku but police has not yet arrest him. He tried to dismantle the unity among the members of this community. In Chitwan, a member of this community died and in Kathmandu a member of this community died. One people are arrested for beating third gender Jivan Gurung.

Pahichan Media wants to express best wishes on the occasion of New year. May 7076 provide equal behavior and opportunity to this community. Please follow the links to see the important news of 2075.

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