American lesbians get spliced Nepali style

KATHMANDU: It was a monsoon wedding indeed, albeit with a whirl.

An American professor and her compatriot lawyer today tied the knot at Dakshin Kali temple as per Hindu rituals, making it arguably the first lesbian marriage in Asia.

It was one proud moment once again for Sunil Babu Panta, Nepal’s only gay lawmaker, who had taken the charge of helping Courtney Mitchell (41) and Sarah Welton (48) get spliced today.

Up to 60 gay rights activists and other onlookers on the temple premises cheered as a Hindu priest chanted final mantras to declare the two women a couple. Courtney was dressed in Nepali Daura Suruwal and Topi as groom and Sarah was clad in a red sari, drawing the attention of quite a many around and making them guess whether a film shooting was going on.‘Which film is being shot?’ or ‘What a marriage between woman and woman!’ were some of the comments with which the surrounding was abuzz.

Courtney, who had earlier lived in Nepal for six years, said they chose Nepal for the marriage and hoped their country would recognise their nuptial as Nepal does. Same-sex marriage is not recognised in her homeland Colorado. The couple later threw a party at a nearby resort.

Panta and his Blue Diamond Society, an organisation advocating gay and lesbian rights, had earlier hosted a gay wedding for British citizen Sanjay Shah and his Indian partner, who had refused to be identified.

Source: The Himalayan Times