Constitution could be amended to ensure same-sex marriage :  NC leader Parajuli

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 5 – Leader of Nepali Congress and former Lawmaker Sobhakar Parajuli said that same-sex marriage should be legalized even though amending the constitution.

Speaking to Pahichan, Parajuli who already served as Chief Whip and Chief Secretary of Party said all should be liberal when it comes to individual liberty. “The social perception to this community has been changed.

Several years ago I had said that without affecting the rights of others, the same-sex marriage should be legalizing,” he said adding that such marriage should be affect other normal marriage.

He said individual right is a main spirit of democracy and attraction on same-sex should not be stopped. He said as a largest party Nepali Congress has a key role in the implementation of constitution. He said sister organizations of NC has already provided space to gender and sexual minority.