“I want to become a transgender if there is my rebirth”

Kathmandu (Pahichan) February 1 –  On Magh 13, Model like a Star Session-2 was underway. Participants were in competition to bag the title. Dipesh Bhandari from Jury asked, “If you want to take a rebirth which gender do you prefer?”

There was a laugh from audience. The question was asked to competetior-3. He started to reply saying “I want to be a transgender if there is a rebirth.”

He was known about the problems of transgender but she was not aware about the complete knowledge. He was feeling nervous. The laugh from audience was not only for the enjoyment.

It was the representative case of how society views transgender. Blue Diamond Society is working to bring out a change in the society. Sushant Chhetri bagged the tile of this competition.