Jiaudo Aakash has helped to change social mindset towards sexual and gender minority

Kathmnadu (Pahichan) September 24 – Audiences who watched drama Jiaudo Aakash share one thing in common:  The drama has changed our social attitude towards sexual and gender minority.

“We talk about racial discrimination, regional disparity but if we do not understand the sensitivity of another human being, we cannot become a civilized citizen,” they said. They are of the view that transgender should be treated like male and female in the society.

LGBTI community is one of the communities who are compelled to live in a very complicated social structure with a lot of discriminations from family and society.

The state has agreed to grant some rights to this community but there is no change in practice. They are destined to face discrimination from their own father and mother which is a painful thing.

Members of this community are gradually becoming public but same has not happen in rural areas.  Dramatist Chandra Prasad Pandey and Director R.K Mehata say this is happening due to the lack of knowledge in the society.

“It is our responsibility to accept our natural birth,” they said. This drama was staged first time in 2073 Jestha 29 in Dolakha in the occasion of drama organized by Nepal Music and Drama Academy.

In Kathmandu, first phase was staged in Shrawan 13-21 on 2074 BS and second phase in Falgun 11-20. The drama was also staged in Guwahati, India. In the early days of New Year, drama was stated in Gandharba Theatre in Pokhara.

The drama was also staged among the leaders, policy makers and other stakeholders. It was also staged in various districts. Till date, drama has been staged in 85 times and audiences have liked it very much.

There is more and more demand from various sectors. In the presentation made by Silent Act in National Cultural Corporation, this drama has been announced as Natak-Yatra 2075\2076. There is plan to show this drama in the various parts of the country as well as in abroad.