Lawmakers emphasize separate laws to address LGBTI community

Kathmandu (Pahichan) October 5 – National Assembly (NA) member Radhe Shyam Adhikari who represents Nepali Congress (NC) has said that there is a need of promulgation of special laws in order to address the demands of sexual and gender minority.

Adhikari’s statement comes amid the criticisms that civil and criminal code did not address the issues of this community, further dismaying this community who are facing a lot of hurdles due to laws, including same-sex marriage law.

Adhkari informed that Ministry of Women, Children and Senior citizen plans to bring special laws and its full implementation. But, there has not been any progress in this direction.

Adhikari questioned why the government did not fulfill the consensus by mentioning in the records of the parliament (record).

We have discussed this topic many times in meeting.  At that time, the Ministry of Women has formed a committee regarding transgender,” Adhikari said. He further added that government would soon start to make special laws after study. Why did the consent of implementing cannot bring in utilization from 2075 Bhadra 1?

NA member from ruling party CPN Ram Narayan Bidari said that it has been mentioned that there was a consensus to make special laws. Bidari is also present in the sub-committee of the Adhikari. Bidari told where it applicable that the government should bring special laws to the sexual and gender minorities. He said it should be proud to write the rights of this community clearly in the constitution. “There was a lot of discussion about the sexual vocational orientation.  I was also involved the team. But there was no consensus,” he said.

Former law minister Sher Bahadur Tamang said that due to the lack of legal law, members of this community are compelled to marry against their will.  He said, right to sexual and gender minority does not relate the family law, so in which section and sub section the proposal should be made to amend the constitution and the law.

He said that the issue of sexual and gender minority was the national and international issues. Not only ones the men and women he said, such community should naturally be accepted. Former laws Minister Tamang said that a faith that cannot be spoken in the village and to live in fear.

Former Member of Parliament Khim Lal Devkota said that the constitution of Nepal is taken as an example in many countries when it comes to the issues of sexual and gender minority. He said rights mentioned n constitution should be translated into policy, law and in practice.

Bharat Sharma, Under-Secretary at Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare said that it is not clear how the law making process of this community moves ahead. He talked about the various aspects of same-sex marriage.

Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society Manisha Dhakal said members of this community are not punished in Nepal. She said this community has not been defined in the overall context of sexual and gender minority.

Madhav Dulal, Editor of Pahichan online said members of this community are demanding rights for the long time without any fruition.  Dulal is of the view that though constitution has ensured the rights of this community, it has not been translated into action and laws, denying members of this community to exercise their rights.

Dulal said members of this community are not receiving the rights of education, health and employment. He said members of this community are facing a lot of hurdles to get education.