LGBTI community observes Gai Jatra pride demanding to amend civil and criminal code

Kathmandu (Pahichan) August 27 – Members of sexual and gender minority on Monday celebrated Gai Jatra Festival. The slogan of this year was: Alliance for Solidarity . Members of this community attended the festival wearing the dresses as per their wishes.

Members of this community from more than 50 districts assembled in Kathmandu to celebrate Gai Jatra which is celebrated every year.

Members of this community demanded to scrap the discriminatory provisions of civil and criminal code. They also demanded to ensure their marriage rights through the promulgation of new laws reflecting the rights mentioned in constitution. Chairman of Blue Diamond Society Pinky Gurung said Civil and Criminal code should be scrapped as there are discriminatory provisions.

Gurung was of the view that there is a need of support from all walks of lives to ensure the rights of this community. Gurung remembered that there was the presence of 49 people at the beginning when they started to observe this day, and number has reached more than one thousand now. She warned the government not to underestimate the strength of this community.

Executive Director of BDS Manisha Dhakal said only providing the citizenship on the basis of identity is not sufficient. She said government is not heeding their demand of providing citizenship as per the wishes of this community. She demanded to amend the citizenship amendment bill tabled in the Parliament to remove the discriminatory provisions.

Ruben Del Prado, UNAIDS Country Director said that he felt happiness to participate the Gai Jatra festival organized by gender and sexual minority.  Representatives from American Embassy also participated in the program.

Every year, BDS celebrates Gai Jatra festival. Member of Constituent Assembly and LGBTI campaigner Sunil Babu Pant took the initiations of oberserving Gai Jatra festival by this community. Members of this community said there is still need of creating awareness about this community.